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ADT Home Assist

Live an independent lifestyle with the ADT Home Assist

Does one of your family members live alone and has a disability, or are they senior? Do you want to make sure they are safe while continuing to live the independent lifestyle they are so used to? ADT Home Assist provides 24 hours assistance to their owner 7 days a week. Many doctors, nurses, carers and family members select this option for their patients to give them the freedom of living on their own while ensuring they are safe and comfortable. Your loved ones will be informed as soon as you find yourself in an emergency or a complicated situation!

How does ADT Home Assist work?

The ADT Home Assist is one of the most innovative medical alarm solutions on the market. The product uses motion sensors to track your movement around the home and recognise daily patterns. If for some reason, you don’t get out of bed at the same time as usual or spend a long time in the bathroom, the alarm will communicate with you and alert your emergency contact if needed. You can talk to the technology and set reminders for birthdays and other occasions, which will support your everyday life and ensure you stay on top of all your plans.

The ADT Home Assist comes with eight sensors that can be placed around your home to ensure all parts of it are tracked, keeping you safe whether you are sleeping or cooking. This medical alarm is wireless and can be reused for different patients, making it an excellent choice for nurses and carers.

Security Alert, the Home Assist experts

Contact Security Alert, who stock the ADT Home Assist and can give further information about how it works and in what way it might benefit you. Unfortunately, the product is not currently funded by WINZ, but we can give you some further information on its expenses if you get in touch with us.

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