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ADT Home Assist

Mobile medical alarm for peace of mind

Would you like to ensure that you are only a button touch away from your elderly parents? Want them to always have something on them to register an emergency or when they may need you? The ADT Beacon is a mobile medical alarm that is an excellent choice for anyone living at home alone and wanting to enjoy their freedom while also being in constant connection with a carer or family. With 4G connectivity, you won’t even need Wifi access to make emergency calls.

How does the ADT Beacon work?

Contrary to how medical alarms work generally, the ADT Beacon does not restrict you to your residential property to keep you connected to your emergency contact. The 4G connectivity enables people to live by themselves, maintain their freedom and options. The Beacon comes with a SIM Card, GPS, voice communication and built-in fall detection, giving peace of mind to both the wearer and their family and carer.

With intelligent messaging that reminds the wearer to put on the Beacon and charge it when it’s low on battery, it will never be forgotten to put on. The ADT Beacon is an excellent choice for any vulnerable person without a phone, wanting to have a simple but constant connection to their emergency contact.

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If you believe the ADT Beacon may be the perfect option for you, get in touch with the team at Security Alert. We can explain the benefits of this product and how it may make an elderly person’s life easier.

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