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Commercial Alarms

Protecting your business

Commercial stores and businesses generally have a large number of products and assets on their premises, making them an attractive place for robbers and other criminals. Having security alarms will not only protect your assets and give you peace of mind but also discourage others from robbing and stealing from your store and business. Who you choose for your business security is an important decision that you should thoroughly consider. Security Alerts systems use a CCTV network that sends alarms to your phone and other connected devices immediately, so you can keep on top of what’s happening on your premises.

Alarm code system

Commercial Alarm Systems at Security Alert

Security Alert has been providing commercial locations with security solutions for several years. We work closely with businesses to understand exactly what they are looking for and offer different solutions based on the size and type of premise they have. Before we select a commercial security system, one of our team members will visit your location and provide advice about what may work the best for you.

Our technicians are highly qualified and, apart from installing, will also ensure that your alarms are working to their full advantage. If we detect an issue, we will service the security system immediately and order necessary parts if needed. Security Alert offers its solution to small, medium and large businesses alike, and we strive to provide the best available choice for your needs. We personalise our services to any business across the country and keep your assets and locations safe!

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If you want to make sure that your products and assets stay safe, investing in a reliable commercial security system may be the best option for you. Contact Security Alert to find out more about how we can help you!

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