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Keeping your business assets safe

Do you want your business or office to be under constant surveillance? Then a security camera is an excellent choice to keep track of your home or business. Having security cameras not only gives you peace of mind but will also likely discourage burglars or other criminals from entering your premises. At Security Alert, we offer IP surveillance, which is a digitized version of the traditional CCTV cameras and gives you an even better experience, allowing you to watch your assets in real-time.

CCTV security alarms

CCTVs are becoming more and more popular in today’s world, as many want to keep their home and assets safe. Security Alert’s IP cameras record the video footage and distribute the content over a network system to your mobile and other devices. These allow you to create alerts if any suspicious movement is detected, and you can receive the notification on all connected devices. The process of sending the footage to officials in an emergency situation becomes much more straightforward, while the quality of the video is higher than what you might be used to.

Security Alert’s CCTV networks are easy to use and compress the content to improve storage space, so you can keep using the product for an extended period. Our security alarms ensure you have peace of mind about keeping your assets, home and everything else safe. We offer a modern and high-performing solution for anyone!

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If you have decided to invest in CCTV equipment, get in touch with Security Alert, your experts in security alarms across New Zealand. We will answer any questions you may have and help you select the best solution for your needs! Keep your home and property safe with CCTV!

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