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Emergency Call Unit

Enjoy the benefits of this all-in-one emergency unit that provides assistance for you and your loved ones

At Security Alert, we know families want to keep their vulnerable loved ones safe and secure when they are alone at home and enjoying an independent lifestyle. The ADT Emergency Call Unit (ECU) is a simple, cost-effective solution that offers 24/7 medical and personal safety assistance to its user. This medical alarm will provide peace of mind to children, caregivers and nurses, as it ensures elderly or disabled individuals can call for assistance at all times.

Assistance when you need it most

The personal pendant that comes with the system can be worn on the wrist, around the neck or on a belt at all times. The Emergency Call Unit is waterproof, which ensures your loved ones can call for help instantly if they find themselves in an emergency by simply pressing the button. The unit is simple to use, even for those who aren’t experienced with technology. An accidental request can easily be cancelled by pressing the Cancel button on the ECU.

24-hour monitoring ensures peace of mind

Once you press the button on your personal medical alarm, the ADT monitoring centre will be alerted. The specialist will communicate with you through the alarm to determine what type of assistance you need and who they should send to your home. The two-way speaker on the alarm ensures you aren’t left alone in an emergency and can easily tell us what help you need. If the team is unable to make contact with you through the device, we will notify the ambulance service closest to you and advise your emergency contacts.

Get your hands on the Emergency Call Unit with Security Alert

Improve your and your family’s peace of mind by knowing that you can get help from ADT in an emergency with a touch of a button. If you would like to find out more about the Emergency Call Unit, get in touch with the Security Alert team, who will explain the benefits of this technology.

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