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Earthquake warning

Having a timely and accurate earthquake warning in New Zealand is essential for any business due to the frequent movement that we get across the country. These can be crucial for keeping everyone in the workplace safe and protected. Ensuring that the building you are based in is structurally safe after a big shake could save the lives of your workers. Security Alert supplies the Palert system to detect pre and post-earthquake-related issues and warn you against a coming shake. Earthquake warning is an essential part of mitigating health and safety risks in an organisation and keeping staff and visitors safe!

Palert Earthquake system

Security Alert supplies the Palert system across the whole of New Zealand. This technology is cost-effective, based on the well researched P-wave system and provides timely and accurate information to its users. Knowing what the effect of an earthquake may be on your infrastructure is essential for many business owners. The Palert can even assess the structural health of your building after the earthquake has occurred and let you know through its recordings whether it’s safe to return.

The technology provides evidence-based data about how big of an earthquake is on its way and records crucial information during the shaking to determine what impact it has left on the infrastructure. Having an earthquake warning system in place is an essential precaution that businesses should take in New Zealand. The Palert system supplied by Security Alert has proven its power, as more than 3,500 have been installed worldwide.

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