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Personal Alarms / Lone Workers

Keeping your employees safe

As an employer, you have specific responsibilities that you need to fulfil. The most important one is to keep your staff members, employees, contractors and visitors safe, even when they are working on their own. Conducting effective and ongoing risk management in a work environment is a great way to start ensuring that everything is in order; however, there still may be some unknown risks posed to your lone workers. The ADT FindU app assists employers in keeping to their requirements and having a direct means of communication with their compromised workers. Security Alert can help you find the ideal solution!

The ADT FindU

The ADT FindU turns your personal cellphone into a security device without the need to carry another product with you. The app is simple to use and has a proven track record of improving employees’ safety worldwide. It is a 24/7 monitored solution that supports lone, high-risk, remote drivers and night shift workers to keep safe while doing their job. The data collected can be accessed at any time by the organisation, helping leaders ensure that their workers are safe during the day.

The ADT FindU platform can be fully customised to the organisation’s needs. The app is compatible with both Apple and Android phones and watches, ensuring that everyone can access it. This allows for simple tracking and location monitoring without the complexities. The ADT FindU is also an excellent safety option for any driver and travelling salesman. Security Alert offers the app to any organisation wanting to ensure that their lone workers are safe.

Other Options

Security Alert offers other solutions both mobile and fixed to provide management with tools to protect staff and manage the employee obligations allowing staff to operate safely in their work environment wherever and however that may look.

Real-time safety in the workplace

New Health & Safety at Work, New Responsibility

Keep You & Your Loved Ones Safe

Wherever You Are

Security Alert’s lone worker solution

Get in touch with our team if you would like to find out more about this highly effective technology and the benefits that it might offer your team. We will help you set up the platform and start enjoying its positives.

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