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Thermal Cameras (Fever)

Measuring temperature with a camera

Thermal cameras are an excellent way to measure the temperature of critical electrical and mechanical equipment safely. With COVID still being an integral part of our everyday lives, they can also accurately measure body temperatures and support organisations in quickly screening people upon their entry into the premises. Their versatile use and modern technology make them a staple for any business requiring a non-contact thermal inspection tool. It ensures workers are safe and comfortable, as they can assess the state of equipment or a person’s health from a safe distance. Keep your staff members safe with thermal cameras!

Thermal fever

Security Alert’s thermal cameras

Handheld infrared cameras can be used in various situations across businesses and even households. They provide highly accurate temperature measurements through their laser-assisted focus and contrast enhancement features. These cameras can help reduce maintenance costs, improve system efficiency and reliability, and prevent electrical and mechanical failures. The thermal cameras are able to share data fast across a range of different networks, helping workers find the source of a problem quickly.

They also accurately measure body temperatures and raise awareness if a worker might have elevated temperatures or fever. Measuring temperatures daily has become an essential part of many organisations’ routines, and these thermal cameras make the process quicker and more accurate. Being non-contact and reliable, they are a safe tool to use in many different situations.

Security Alert is a stockist and distributor of high performing thermal cameras in New Zealand and can help you find the suitable model that you are looking for!

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