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One of the biggest things that come out of the conversations I have with seniors is the wish to stay independent in their own homes and yet I see all the time that life for people can change in an instant. Whether it be a fall or a medical issue, they go from independent living to having no choice but going into supported living. These places can be modern and supportive but there is no place like home. Being forced to live with other people who may not be their cup of tea can be a hugely stressful and unpleasant situation that upsets them and causes stress in the wider family.

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How do we maintain independent living?

What we need is a simple way of getting help straight away should the worse happen, something easy for someone to use in an emergency when they may be distressed. A properly set up Medical Alarm is just that. With just the push of a button we know straight away they need help or maybe just reassurance. By ringing straight in we can talk to the client and assess just what help they want or need. Because we have their details like medical conditions/medications and allergies we can let the ambulance know all the relevant details as well as how they can get in using the secure lockbox.

What to do?

Getting a Medical Alarm need not be a big hassle, talk to others that you know or contact a specialist for a chat. A lot of Medical Alarms can be funded by the government and the consultant will help you with that process, which for most people is straightforward. Installation is easy, all you need is a normal power outlet and your consultant will set the rest up. The trick is to organise an alarm before you need it not after.

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