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Why would a business want to invest in CCTV Security Cameras? With most things security people are often reactive rather than proactive meaning once something happens, they want a fix straight away. It often it just means we are now trying to fix what has been a long-standing problem. The Hospitality Association recommends allowing about $4000.00 a year per employee for theft. If you operate in a retail environment then theft is estimated at about 1.1 Billon a year with about 250 million coming from staff theft (2017 Otago University Retail Crime Survey). On top of that, you have harassment claims, Health & Safety issues and staff employment issues. For all that, probably one of the most overlooked issues is the devastation and hurt that employers and owners often feel when a problem finally surfaces.

So what to do?

One way is to simply ignore it and hope it never becomes an issue. However, in my experience, it just means the problem is that much worse when it finally does surface. An IP Security Camera giving quality images can provide a solution that gives:

  • Protection against theft by both staff & customers
  • Protection & peace of mind for staff who are doing no wrong and are happy for you to know that
  • Important evidence for theft, harassment, vandalism employment or Health & Safety issues
  • Great to use in a positive way for staff training
  • Remotely view live & recorded images on your laptop or phone giving you flexibility around how you work
  • Use the footage to plan when staff are needed and see how people move around the store

IP Security cameras have come down a lot in price while expanding their features and becoming easy for the ordinary person to use it. A straight forward system is affordable for the small business person through to the larger enterprise, especially with lease and finance options available.

What to do be “proactive not reactive” and keep control of what happens in your business.

Be it a deterrent for theft or information that allows you to make staffing or display decisions to invest in a quality Security camera system.  Often I have talked to people who tried an out of the box solution off the internet, chances are you will not get what you need or want and end up wasting your money.

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